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Our family dynamics began to deteriorate after our preteen daughter was put on medication to control her seizures. While we understood that her behavior was largely due to her daily anti-seizure medication, we recognized the need for professional help as this regimen is a long-term treatment.

Cheri was compassionate and patient, and guided us to set firm, consistent family rules for all of us to follow and use them as a tool to make decisions about homework, chores, mealtime, and activities. Cheri’s fees are affordable and she is willing to work around our busy schedule. We highly recommend Cheri’s expertise to anyone who is experiencing family conflicts.


My wife and I have known Cheri for many years. Without her help in the early years of our younger son’s education we would have been lost. She helped my son overcome his learning disability which allowed him to successfully complete his schooling and receive a high school diploma. Her attention and care made some difficult times much easier. We highly recommend Cheri for your children’s academic or learning needs regardless of what that may be. You and more importantly your child will be much better off for it.

-Scott and Sharon

Cheri has helped me through my college career tremendously. She taught me how to take better and more detailed notes, manage my time, and stay on track to improve my grades. Having a mentor that truly cares for you and your well-being creates a well-rounded intellectual experience and one that is hard to find. Cheri cares about all her students and her love for teaching really shines through during sessions with her. I would strongly recommend anyone who needs help with studying, time management, note taking, or any kind of help with school to go to Cheri. My grades have improved throughout the time with Cheri and I now can manage my time proficiently. She has your best interest in mind and I am so happy to have her as my mentor.


Cheri is a life saver!!! I thank God that she is in our lives. She has helped us in our marriage, our son’s behavior and school academic problems, and most of all spiritually. And she is so committed that she continues to work with us in all areas. Life is so full of difficulties that having Cheri help us have balance and SANITY!!! Thank you, Cheri!!!


Cheri has been Amazing!  I first hired Cheri to tutor my son, but it soon became clear that much more was needed. She has helped reshape my parenting skills, and has also provided life coaching to me and my son. Her life coaching, parenting education, academic knowledge and mentoring are unmatched. It is her passion and her heart that we love about her so much!


Most of us can remember that one teacher in our past that made all the difference. We consider ourselves are lucky to have had that one special year with this teacher, Cheri. She has made learning fun and easy. What if your child isn’t so lucky? Having known Cheri we can tell you her enthusiasm for learning is contagious, let your student catch some.


Cheri is a great teacher, and so patient. She is wonderful at meeting the needs of her individual students. She has many strategies for teaching at her fingertips, and will continue to search for ways to help them gain understanding of the important concepts that they are struggling with. I highly recommend her tutoring services!​


Cheri has a heart and passion for educating children like no other teacher I know. Her knowledge and expertise span across multiple subjects and areas, yet she continues to seek ways to improve her craft. Cheri is an amazing teacher and will undoubtedly help your child excel.


In the education world, you don’t always find someone who had the child’s best interest in mind. Often, they are burnt out and waiting for retirement. Cheri is one of the ones who has the child’s best interest at heart. She is able to help you as a parent without feeling judged and also is able to help the child in a manner that is not complicated. Cheri’s heart and passion for children is her driving force and you won’t be disappointed with her services.


What I admire about Cheri is her expertise and knowledge. She has real practical tangible techniques to put in place to help your child.


Cheri has been Outstanding!!  I hired Cheri for her life coaching and parenting education skills.

She has taught me new parenting skills, provided life coaching, and has been a constant support. In the past, none of the professionals that I have worked with have been able to come close to who Cheri is!  Her life coaching, parenting education, academic knowledge and mentoring are incomparable. Her passion and her heart….I have never seen in a professional! She deeply cares about each of her clients. This is what we love about her so much!


Cheri is amazing. She’s tutored my daughter over the last couple of years and she’s been great. She is patient and takes the time to make sure her students are grasping what she is teaching them. My daughter enjoys going to tutoring and spending time with Cheri.


Because Cheri loves people, she truly wants to give kids what they need, and will do whatever it takes to get them where they need to be. She loves to help people.

She’s teachable, humble, and loving. A great resource for you and your families.


I’ve been a friend of this loving and dear woman for many years. I’ve not met someone who has such a calling and heart for people. She cares so deeply and passionately for families. Her character and personality changes the atmosphere wherever she goes. Many people put on fake smiles in this world. Cheri’s smile is always genuine and heart-felt. I highly recommend any family who desires positive change to invite Cheri into their home and lives. Very worth it!


Cheri has a desire to engage… she fearlessly moves in love & encouragement. Her positive and untiring spirit, drives her into, impacting the lives of those she encounters. She chooses to be a blessing to all she works with.